clean carpetCommercial Pro Clean carefully analyzes your carpet’s wear, traffic, and soil conditions to establish the best care for your carpet. We use the latest technologies in carpet cleaning methods to properly maintain your investment. Our cleaning system deeply penetrates all sides of the carpet fiber to safely remove stubborn, oily soil. The cleaning agents we use encapsulate the soil and contain built-in protectors to help your carpet stay cleaner longer.

 Why Choose Low Moisture Cleaning?

Our advanced method of carpet cleaning uses a unique technology to clean your carpets with specially developed solutions to keep your carpet clean and protect your investment.

Instead of losing productivity waiting for your carpet to dry, your carpet is ready for use typically within an hour. Also, our hose-less system prevents the additional expenses of doors open during warm and cool months. Our method is cleaning is also considerate to the environment, on average we use 10 times less water than traditional steam cleaning methods.

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What Makes Us Different?

In the commercial carpet cleaning profession there are typically two methods, steam carpet cleaning and low moisture cleaning. Traditional steam carpet cleaning utilizes harsh chemicals and steaming hot water injected into your carpets then extracted with a  wet vac.

Unfortunately, the extraction of the dirty chemical laden water from your carpets is not completely removed, leaving your carpets wet with dirty contaminated water. Many steam methods can over wet your carpet.  When carpet is wet several things can happen:

• Carpet can separate from the backing
• Carpet may stretch
• Dye in carpet may bleed and discolor
• Mold or mildew may grow if carpet does not dry within 72 hours

Our innovative services provides you with less down-time, a more secure method of carpet cleaning, and a longer period of time between cleanings. Contact us today for a free estimate.




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